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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Fullerton arboretum .
I'm relaxing in Hanoi now. I'm staying at my sister's in-law's house in Ho Tay (West Lake). It's a beautiful house located near Ho Tay. I can see the lake through a window in my room. It's relatively hot last week, but the weather is changing, and becomes cooler now. We'd been visiting some old Buddish pagodas around Hanoi and Ha-Tay province. I'll post their pictures later.
I'd just uploaded the pictures of the Fullerton arboretum in California, USA. I'll post the pictures of the LA arboretum later. I notice that there are many Vietnameses visiting my Flowerpictures site, would you please send me some comments, suggestions about this site (you can write in Vietnamese, if you like).
So long from Hanoi, Vietnam!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Quail Botanical Garden.
Last month, we visited four gardens in Southern California, Quail Botanical Garden in North San Diego, LA arboretum, the arboretum at Fullerton and the Japanese garden at Cal State Long Beach. I already posted the pictures of the Japanese garden at CSLB, and today, I'd just up loaded the pictures of the Quail Botanical Garden. Please visit these gardens in my all new page reserving for the pictures of botanical gardens, arboretum and other special gardens in my
Today is the first day of my retirement. I feel like a normal weekend day! I'll have more time to travel, taking pictures and take care of my webpage. So please come back soon to see pictures of flowers and many interesting places that I'll visit. The first stop will be Vietnam. Vietnam is a tropical country, therefore, January-March is Spring time with plenty of flowers, please visit my website to see Vietnam the beautiful!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fall colors.
The Fall (Autumn) in the temperate-climate areas is very nice because of the cool temperature, and most of all, it is the most beautiful and romantic season of the year. The color of leaves start to change in October to create magnificent- colorfull landscapes. Nature's annual autumn color festival is certainly one of the greatest shows on earth. For those who live in the tropicals and have never seen it, please vivit my Fall colors webpage to enjoy this annual show from our Mother Nature.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Fall flowers.
The Fall color is beautiful this year in Missouri, I have many pictures of colorful sceneries in the St. Louis area (Missouri), and I'll post them later in my website. Beside colorful leaves, Fall flowers are beautiful too, especially the mums. If you drive around, you should notice that mums are everywhere, especially in front of shopping centers, office buildings. If you live in warm areas like California, Florida, you may still enjoy many summer flowers that are still in bloom. Please visit my Fall flower page to see the fall flowers in St. Louis (Missouri) and Southern California.