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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The world famous San Diego zoo
There are about 4000 animals at this zoo, and we do not intend to have all of their pictures in my webpage! However, I have pictures of many interesting animals including panda bears, koalas... If you love animals, you should visit this zoo.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Koi fishes at the California State University Long Beach.
If you love koi fishes and Japanese garden, you should visit this beautiful garden at Long Beach, California. This garden is relatively small compared to other Japanese garden, but it represents all traditional features of a typical Japanese garden. I visited the garden on Wednesday, therefore, we were the only outside visitors at the garden, beside a dozen of art students drawing and painting the garden view. There is no cost to enter the garden, but you need to pay a small fee for parking.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A trip to California.
Last week, we went to Southern California to attend the wedding of my wife's cousin. We also took a mini vacation to visit some botanical gardens and arboretums in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Autumn is not a good time to visit the gardens, because there are not many flowers in blooming. We visited the Quail botanical garden in San Diego, the Japanese garden at Cal State University (Long Beach), the LA arboretum and Cal State unversity at Fullerton. We went to the Hungtington Botanical garden, but we could not get in because it only opens at noon (we got there around 10 AM and could not wait). The LA arboretum is closed by, therefore, we visited the arboretum instead. The Japanese garden at Cal State Long Beach is small but very beautiful. We spent more than 2 hours in there to watch the koi fishes. The koi fishes in this garden are the most beautiful fishes that we'd ever seen. I took more than 500 pictures of all the gardens that we visited, and will select some to post them on my flower site in the next few weeks. We also visited the world-famous San Diego zoo, and took many pictures of the panda bears. The panda bears are smaller then I though, but they are very cute.