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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Roses in Vietnam.
Vietnamese loves flowers. They always have a flower bouquet in the house for decoration or on the ancestor altar. In Hanoi, especially during Spring, roses are relatively cheap. You can buy a dozen of good roses for less than 1 US dollar. Roses are sold by street vendors at many street corners in Hanoi. There are many different roses and they are called by their color like red rose, pink rose, carrot-colored roses, etc. They're all beautiful.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Orchids in Vietnam.
Vietnam, a tropical country, is located in the Southeast Asia. Vietnam is considered one of the best sources of orchids because of its diverse topography and climate. In the past several months, we visited many orchid nurseries in Hanoi, Saigon and Dalat. Most of these orchid nurseries are small and run by the Vietnamese orchid enthusiasts. They have small collection of different orchid species and grow one main orchid species for selling in the local markets. In Saigon area, Mokara is grown in Cu-Chi, a suburb of Saigon. One orchid farm grows Phaplaenopsis at Binh-Quoi near downtown Saigon. Cymbidium is grown in Dalat where the climate is more favorable to this orchid. In Hanoi, I fortunately know Mr. Tuan-Anh, the owner of the Ngoc-Lan Vien. Mr. Tuan-Anh has a large collection of orchids native to Vietnam. He has an ambition to collect and protect the Vietnamese orchids from extinction by poaching.