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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Visiting Chicago. We went to Chicago for a visit of this windy city on the Memorial weekend. The weather was very nice, sunny and warm. We visited the Chicago aquarium and took a cruise to go around the lake. The traffic on highway 94 along the Chicago shoreline was very heavy. The public parks along the lakefront were packed with people. This was the first weekend with the temperature up to the 90's in Chicago. The view of Chicago skyline was very beautiful but a little hazy, maybe due to air pollution? We also visited the Chicago China Town, ate dimsum. We also visited the well-known Chicago Botanical Garden at the Northern part of the city. The garden was very nice, but there were not many flowers in bloom at this time. The roses had not bloomed yet. Part of the lake was under rennovation, therefore, the Japanese garden was not beautiful as it should be. Anyway, I took many pictures of the city and the garden, and I'll post them later in my website.



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